CRC + VBC win the 2012 ROAR Paved Nationals!

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CRC and VBC dominate the Paved ROAR Nationals

CRC’s TQ’s and wins at Leisure Hours Hobby in Joliet, IL
Andrew Knapp and Dave Johnson New ROAR National Champions!


Andrew Knapp does the Double T.Q.! Takes the
pole in both 17.5 TC and 17.5 1:12th scale. Andrew
went on to win 1:12th scale with a 3rd in TC.
Andrew used the CRC Gen-Xi and CRC 1:12th tires
to take the win and pole position. Also, Knapp chose
the affordable and convenient Hobbywing 1s
Speedo which includes the 1s booster, no receiver
pack needed.
The tough dynamic duo of Dave Johnson and
AndrewKnapp take the new VBC Wildfire Touring
car to a Win and T.Q. at the ROAR Paved
Nationals! Johnson took the A-main with T.Q. man
Knapp taking 3rd position.



Dave Johnson’s VBC Wildfire Touring Car used CRC’s 5600/65C Rocket Fuel
lipo pack to power his way to an A-main win!


Thanks to the great crew at Leisure Hours and the ROAR RMT for a great event!

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