CRC’s new 1:12th car – the Xti

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CRC’s new

Xti 12th Scale car kit

The Xti – Super sleek, ultra-lightweight inline 1:12th car from CRC. The car debuted at the 2012 World Championships in Holland with both cars entered making the A-final.

Building on the winning heritage from the multi-Champion Gen-XL and Xi, the new Xti (Transverse or Inline) from CRC elevates 1:12th scale racing to the next level offering new and exciting features. The Xti features true inline battery configuration with a full size 1s IFMAR/ROAR battery pack. Unlike some of the off-center “longitudinal battery pack designs” that have popped up, CRC’s true inline configuration yields total balance and symmetry. Also new on the Xti, CRC’s infinitely adjustable Slider Rear Pod. The Slider Pod is a full aluminum motor pod with infinitely adjustable rear ride height. The Xti continues with our dual damper tube design and leads the way with the best-in-class rear damper, the CRC Encore shock.


The lightest, leanest, meanest 1:12th machine in the world. Functionality, symmetry, and superior design; all for the lowest MSRP in class. The new CRC Xti. The narrow design yields a nimble, quick cornering car.

Here shown with the standard 1s pack mounted right in the center. True inline cell placement. Plenty of room thanks to reverse servo mounting. Easily fits the JR 3650, Spektrum 5040 and Sanwa 94761 and SRG-HR (recommended) mini servos.


New Slider pods

The Xti, features the CRC Slider pod for infinite ride height adjustments. No longer are you bound by a set insert or notch. If you want 3 mm of ride height, loosen the 4 rear button heads, put the desired ride height spacer under the car, then let the axle drop allowing the rear wheels to touch the ground. The tighten the 4 button heads. Presto – desired ride height achieved. Done!

Here with a 4 mm spacer. What ever height you want, no longer are you fixed on a certain ride height spacer or indexed notch position.

This design is a spin off and improvement to the CRC X-Pod which was the first to bring the X brace type design to 1:12th racing (2006 with the Gen-X). This low-profile rear pod design is now mimicked by many of the manufactures. With the Xti, CRC takes another leap forward with the new Slider Pods and X brace design.

Rear slider fully raised.
Rear slider fully lowered.

The new Xti had a very successful debut at the 1:12th World Championships. In it’s first outing, Marc Rheinard and Elliott Harper took the Xti to A-main podium finishes. Shown below are pictures courtesy of Red RC of the prototype Xti at the race in Holland. Shown with the optional diffuser, and yes, the car comes ready for the diffuser.


The new Xti can “transform” from inline to transverse. The Xti car is cross-pack ready with provisions to mount the battery across the back much like the Gen-Xi. In the transverse configuration, the Xti has all the adjustability of the Xi with over .5″ of battery movement, allowing you to greatly adjust the characteristics of the car. With the transverse configuration, you can mount the servo in the reverse position, or the traditional position behind the front end. There are mounting points for both servo positions and different servo types. In both configurations (the “I” inline and the “T” transverse), the Xti also has multiple shock locations for altering the weight transfer points.The optional transverse configuration kit comes complete with all the parts necessary to transform the Xti from inline to cross pack. Adjustability on a proven platform. Simple.


The lean, mean CRC Xti, shown here with the transverse configuration “T” kit installed. The car is drilled for both reverse and standard servo mounting. With the battery moved across the chassis, this opens up the option to move the servo to the traditional position behind the front end. However, at the World Championships, the car handled extremely well with the servo reversed between the front end. Additionally, in this position, there is a LOT of space for electronics.

Look at all that room for electronics! You could mount 2 speedos, a receiver and a receiver pack in that space.
The Xti in the “T” configuration, shown with battery back.

The Xti in the “T” configuration, shown with battery forward. The car has provisions for moving the shock forward, allowing even more battery position adjustment..


The Xti is a great car at a great price, retaining the $199.99 street price in hobby stores and online at Not a conversion or half of a car, this is a full racing car kit for less than $200. With Horizon Hobby distributing Calandra Racing Concepts and our vast dealer network, parts are easy to find and very affordable. The Xti is will be available mid September 2012.

CRC Xti kit w/ bearings, Slider Pods, Pro Strut front end, diff, Encore shock, complete.
Suggested retail $299.99
Street price $199.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734032106

Order the Xti here


CRC Transverse “T” Configuration Kit for the Xti


Add the ability to run the battery in the transverse position on the Xti. It comes complete with all the items needed.

The transverse configuration kit for the CRC Xti

CRC Transverse “T” Configuration Kit
Suggested retail $39.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734032113

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