CRC’s New Carpet Knife 3.2R!

CRC’s New Revised Carpet Knife – The 2003-2004 Stock and Masters Triple Crown Champion now available!

1304 – Team Red Edition Carpet Knife 3.2R, a.k.a. The Bloody Knife

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In the 2003-2004 Triple Crown Series, Team CRC’s Jeff Dayger used the new Carpet Knife? 3.2R to win the Stock Championship for the Triple Crown of Road Racing. Consistent finishes at the Halloween Classic, U.S. Indoor Champs and the January Jam, Jeff captured the prestigious title. To support Jeff’s win in the Stock class, CRC’s own Frank Calandra Jr. won the Master’s class with a win in Cleveland and Connecticut and a 3rd at the ROAR Nationals. Both drivers chose the new Carpet Knife Team Red Version 3.2R.

Calandra Racing Concepts is dedicated to producing the finest racing car available at the best price. Every time we race, we learn. What we learn, we pass along in our products. The new Version 3.2R has a number of excellent refinements over the V3.2 based on race information gathered in the 2003-2004 season.

One of the new refinements on the 3.2R is a thicker, stiffer chassis and rear bottom plate. However, even though made from thicker material, the weight of the chassis has changed very little. How did we do that? The 3.2R chassis has been trimmed down along the edges. It has been machined around the perimeter, making the overall width less. This new sleek design is less likely to touch the racing surface as the chassis rolls in a corner. Also, with the additional machining, extra weight has been removed to compensate for the thicker material used. All of the same bolt patterns are kept constant, so 3.2 owners can easily upgrade as all parts fit exactly the same.

The car comes with CRC’s universal servo mounts allowing the racer to fit most any size servo and locate the servo horn exactly in the center. The universal servo mount comes pre-drilled, so there is no need to locate the correct spot and take a chance on drilling your new chassis incorrectly. Also the new 3.2R chassis has holes drilled for optional aluminum servo mounts that fit most mini servos. In addition, 3 holes are predrilled to accept personal transponders.

CRC Universal Servo Mounts
New 3-hole Personal Transponder Mount


The new 3.2R also features pure aircraft quality 7075 aluminum rear hubs for high strength and true rotation.

CRC includes 2 aluminum lowered red rear pod plates and exotic compound racing tires in the Team Red kit. Do you get racing tires with the other cars on the market? No. Tires are not even included in most of the other cars on the market, never mind high quality race tires, heck, the “other guys” do not even supply bare rims. Only CRC brings you the most complete race cars in the ultra competitive 1/12th scale market.

CRC’s Dual Aluminum Pods and Red Damper tubes with CRC’s High Performance Racing tires

The 3.2R comes with new caster blocks for mounting the upper A-arm. These new blocks feature a new straight hinge pin with set screws to secure the pin. This new caster block set included with the car comes in 0, 5 and 10 degree flavors, This revised part greatly improves front end alignment and geometry, making a more consistent race car.

New 0, 5 and 10 degree Caster Block set with straight pin
New Profiled Big Foot Battery Anchors

In 1997, CRC brought “D” ring differentials to the 1/12th scale division. Now, all the manufactures have copied us. CRC newest version of their “D” ring diff is the large D for better performance with today’s hot modified and very fast stock motors. The large D ring is very smooth and holds up better run after run.

The Uni-tune suspension system from Calandra Racing uses 2 side springs to control side-to-side spring effect on the car. For damping, the dual aluminum tubes keep the Bloody Knife smooth and stable. For front-to-back suspension, the the 3.2R uses an oil filled shock with adjustable damping, spring rates and threaded preload adjusters. Unlike other cars, the Uni-tune allows you to independently adjust side-to-side stiffness and damping separate from front-to-back. With damping pucks or friction discs, you have no way to change side to side damping without effecting front to back damping. You are absolutely forced to change both. With CRC’s Uni-tune, you can change them independently.

The Best 1/12th Car in the World
CRC’s Carpet Knife? 3.2R Team Red Edition

Don’t fool around with overpriced “conversion kits” from the other guys. Get it all here. Complete full kits with tires, bearings and threaded axles. The CRC Carpet Knife Team Red 3.2R car is extremely complete and race ready. Our race team uses very few non-standard parts when competing at events all over the World. A few of the optional tuning parts are a springs and damper fluids.

If you love 1/12th scale or are new to the class, give Team CRC a close look. We have the 2003 Triple Crown Modified Champion T-Fource and the 2003 Stock and Masters Triple Crown Champion Carpet Knife Team Red, a.k.a. the Bloody Knife?.

It’s all good!

Part # 1304

Retail $349.99

Web Special – $225.00

Barcode: 800734013044

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