CRC’s New ”Pro-Cuts” competition 1/12th tires

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CRC releases new 1/12th Pro-Cuts tires on new “High Roller” 38 mm (HR-38) wheels

Tires are one of the most important components of any race car. Tires and wheels play a huge role in performance and stability. Calandra Racing Concepts has been a leader in 1/12th scale tires and wheels for many years, winning the Cleveland U.S. Indoor Championships, the ROAR Nationals, the Snowbird Nationals and the International Indoor Championships with our current “Track Magnet” tire mounted on the revolutionary CRC White Dished wheel. CRC now offers a second 1/12th tire package called CRC “Pro-Cuts”. Pro-Cuts are mounted on CRC’s new “High Roller 38” (HR-38) wheel. This new 38 mm wheel pushes the outer diameter of the wheel to the ROAR and IFMAR maximum, complying to all ROAR, IFMAR, EFRA and BCRA rules.

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CRC Pro-Cuts are mounted with the latest exotic high-grip, long-wear racing rubber and trued to RACE READY sizes. Yes, finally a tire you can take straight from the package to the track, and be competitive!

CRC Pro-Cuts are 1.80″ in the front and 1.90″ in the back. Because the HR-38 rim has a larger outer diameter, the tires feature a race winning “low profile” to reduce side wall flex and add grip. Not only does the low profile increase corner speeds with more traction, the chance of tire damage is reduced with the smaller sidewall.

The new larger rim provides additional clearance in the front suspension area, allowing the racer to add suspension travel. Large O.D. rim allows for more suspension travel







CRC “High Roller 38” (HR-38) 1/12th scale wheel

Recently, a trend has been established to increase the diameter of the wheel using fillers to artificially increase the effective mounting diameter of the rim. CRC has gone a step farther by actually increasing the rim diameter to 38 mm, the ROAR and IFMAR legal limit. As shown in the pictures, you can see that a standard 1/12th wheel actually fits inside the new HR-38 wheel, clearly demonstrating the added diameter.

CRC’s new HR-38 rear wheel is very light weight, with a unique spoke pattern that results from the placement of the strengthening ribs. The internal ribs not only support the outer diameter, but they also add strength to the critical 3-hole mounting area, by providing a web of material on each side of the hole. Older standard wheel designs leave the 3-hole area un-braced, resulting in a weak area.

The front wheel accepts both flanged and un-flanged bearings. The rear wheel has mounting offsets that are slightly narrower, allowing the user to custom shim the rear axle width and track.








2170 – Front HR-38 wheel (pr.) – 800734021704 – $4.99

2171 – Rear HR-38 Wheel (pr.) – 800734021711 – $4.99


CRC “Pro-Cut” 1/12th mounted tires

Pro-Cut 1/12th tires come in all the popular racing compounds. No cheap kit rubber here, all Pro-Cuts are exotic, long-wear, high-grip rubber mounted on our new HR-38 rim. Pro-Cuts are trued to race size, no rolling 55 gallon drums. Low profile racing tires trued to 1.80″ front and 1.90″ rear. Being mounted on the new large diameter HR-38 rims, the new Pro-Cuts are low profile race tires.

** Pro-Cuts are light, but strong.

** Pro-Cuts are race ready, right from the package, no tire grinding needed!

** Pro-Cuts are large diameter, with low-profile.

** Pro-Cuts are priced the same as current tires.

** Pro-Cuts are legal everywhere.

** The High Roller 38 rim accepts standard 1/12th donuts.

Part # Description Barcode Retail
Pro-Cut Front tires
2172 1/12 Front Pro-Cut tires – Magenta compound (pr.) -1.80″ 800734021728 $17.99
2173 1/12 Front Pro-Cut tires – Purple compound (pr.) -1.80″ 800734021735 $17.99
2174 1/12 Front Pro-Cut tires – Black compound (pr.) -1.80″ 800734021742 $17.99
Pro-Cut Rear tires
2175 1/12 Rear Pro-Cut tires – Pink compound (pr.) -1.90″ 800724021759 $18.99
2176 1/12 Rear Pro-Cut tires – Magenta compound (pr.) -1.90″ 800724021766 $18.99
2178 1/12 Rear Pro-Cut tires – Grey compound (pr.) -1.90″ 800734021780 $18.99
2179 1/12 Rear Pro-Cut tires – White compound (pr.) -1.90″ 800734021797 $18.99

Available at the 2005 U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, OH. – November 23, 2005!

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