CRC’s new Pro-Flow pipe for the Traxxas Revo

Team CRCTeam CRC releases a new exhaust pipe specifically for the Revo. The new CRC Pro-Flow pipe is constructed from cold-rolled steel, nickel plated for cool running and good looks. CRC’s Pro-Flow pipe emits loads of power with a wide expansion chamber and super large stinger outlet.

The steel composition makes the pipe super tough, resisting impacts that would cripple and crumple an aluminum pipe.

Why use steel? In the ”money-is-no-object” world of factory motocross and supercross, all the motorcycles have steel exhausts.? With the abuse, crashes and rocks involved in offroad racing, steel handles the impacts and keeps it’s tune long after aluminum pipes have bent out of shape.

Each pipe is hand made. Each weld done by hand. The entire part is proudly made in the U.S.A..

Put a winning pipe on your Revo, try a Team CRC Pro-Flow pipe on your machine.

Click here for high resolution photos

Revo Pipe Pic #1

Revo Pipe Pic #2

Super tough, super fast

CRC’s Pro-Flow Pipe for the Traxxas Revo



Part Number – #1040

Retail - $69.99

Barcode - 800734010401


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