setup – CK3.2R 2004 Cleveland U.S. Indoor Champs

CarCRC Carpet Knife 3.2R
Event2004 Cleveland U.S. Indoor Champs
Date Nov 2004
Track NoteHigh grip, Tight, but Fast layout
DriverFrank Calandra
Result Eli got lucky this year! 3rd qualifier
Front End ***CRC prototype front end***
Front TiresCRC 2159 Black 1.72″ – 1/2 degree toe out
Front Springs CRC Mini-tube w/heavy spring
Caster2 degrees
Camber-1.5 degrees
Ride Height1/8″
Tire DressingCRC Downforce – 1/3 inside front
Center Shock, T-Bar and Body Shell
Center Shock NEW CRC Threaded prototype VCS w/ Copper spring 40 wt oil
Spring PreloadLevel chassis/pod when race ready
T-Bar What’s a t-bar?
TweakingRed Side Spring very little pre-load
Body CRC Courage
Rear Settings
Rear TireCRC 2163 Grey 1.76″
Damper Tube Fluid #4212 CRC Heavy (white)
Roll Center New Low roll center kit
Ride Height1/8″
Tire DressingCRC Downforce – Full width soak
Power Plant
BrushesCRC Extreme Silver – full
Brush SpringsLight
Motor Amps 10 @ 2 volts
Motor Hand out purple end bell
BatteryProMatch GP 3300

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