setup – T-Fource 2004 Cleveland US Indoor Champs Stock Class

CarCRC Team Red T-Fource #1312
Event2004 Cleveland US Indoor Champs
DateNovember 2004
Track NoteTight but Fast layout High grip
DriverMark Smyka
ResultWinner – 1/12th Stock A-main
Front End
Front TiresPurple – 1.68″
Front SpringsCRC .020″
Caster3 degrees
Dynamic CastorCRC’s new Red Alum Upper A-arm mnt – 5 degree dynamic #4265
Camber-1.5 degrees
Ride Height3.5 mm
Tire Dressing3/4 inside front
OtherCRC’s new Delrin Upper arm (4277) and steering blocks (4275)
Center Shock, T-Bar and Body Shell
Center ShockVCS w/ 30 weight oil and stock shiny Silver spring
Spring PreloadLevel chassis/pod when race ready
T-BarCRC .065″ – no center screw
TweakingT-bar tweak screws
BodySpeed 8
Battery Position .020″ forward from full rearward position
Rear Settings
Rear TireWhite – 1.79″
Damper Tube FluidCRC Red #4210
Roll CenterStock
Ride Height3.75 mm
Tire DressingFull width soak
Power Plant
Brush SpringsNA
Motor AmpsNA

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