Team CRC Japan Dominates the Futa-San Cup

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Team CRC Japan Dominates the Futa-San Cup at Yatabe Arena!

Hayato Ishioka – TQ and winner – 12th Mod

FUTA-SAN CUP is an event that is sponsored by FUTABA-SANGYO of Japan. The event was held last Sunday 5/11/14, on the indoor on-road course in the Yatabe arena.

Team CRC Japan drivers dominated the event by capturing the TQ and Win in both the Modified and Stock classes.

Title winning car of Hayato. #3212 – CK Xti Altered Ego kit with optional #3263 Long Rear Top Plate.

In 12th scale Modified, Hayato Ishioka took the TQ spot and also won the A-main using the new #3263 Long Rear Top Plate on his CRC Altered Ego Xti (#3212) chassis. He also used CRC wheels and tires.


In the Stock Class, Five of the ten A main drivers chose CRC cars, and CRC drivers occupied the top 3 qualifying spots.

CRC monopolized the final too as all 3 cars on the podium were CRC. Yanagisawa, who is the all-Japan champion of the MINI-Z event of Japan, won the 12th scale stock championship. He only started racing 12th stock recently, and was able to win the championship in his first big event appearance.


Big Thanks and Congratulations to all of Team CRC Japan!!!


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