Team CRC’s Korgae Scales Wins WGT at the WCICS

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Korgae Scales gets Team CRC its 1st WCICS Series Championship in WGT.

WCICS World GT Champion – Korgae Scales

The Western Canadian Indoor Championship Series (WCICS) is the largest Championship series in Canada (and the USA) combining for over 1500 total entries over the course of the 8 race series.

Title winning car of Korgae Scales. No special tricks or handmade parts, just factory available stock and option parts that can be picked up at any Local Hobby Shop that carries Team CRC.

Korgae Scales was a man on a mission since joining Team CRC in January of this year earning CRC its 1st WCICS title in convincing fashion in the highly competitive World GT class.

With build and basic set up help from fellow Team CRC member Brian Bodine, Korgae’s GenX-10 SE WGT Car was the pace setter in the last rounds of the series with a dominating performance in Moose Jaw (series race #6) and Kamloops (series race #7) to earn TQ’s and race wins giving him enough points to secure the championship title with one race in hand.

Congrats Korgae!

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