Big world-wide wins to round out 2014

Ishioka defends at the AOC

driving the new CRC Xti-WC

Another big win for the World Champion chassis

**** Cleveland 2014 News – WTF1 On top again! ****

Team CRC Japan driver Hayato Ishioka stands on top of the podium again as the back to back winner of the AOC race at Yatabe arena. Ishioka used his new (#3214) CRC Xti-WC 1/12th car to power his way to the only 37 lap run in qualifying.

Team CRC Japan, under the watchful eye of team leader, Kimihiko Yano, has grown into a major powerhouse in 1/12th modified racing. With drivers making the A-mains at many international races including the World Championships, Team CRC Japan continues to deliver top results.

Leading the group, young ace pilot, Hayato Ishioka. Ishioka’s first major win was a strong performance at last year’s Yatabe AOC event where he was able to take the 2013 championship after a great battle with then world champ, Naoto Matsukura. Fast forward to the 2014 event at Yatabe, Ishioka was now armed with the World Champion CRC Xti-WC car. Hayato was the only car in qualifying to run 37 laps, getting faster and faster as the event went on.

The large, fast circuit at Yatabe proved to be an incredible test of man and machine. Fast chicanes, tight corners, high speed, the Yatabe track had it all. In the A main, after some good battles early on, Hayato took his CRC Xti-WC to a strong victory, eventually winning by over 3 seconds. Also impressive were the amount of CRC cars in the final, a full 50% of the field! Joining the champ in the final was Kousuke Suzuki, Endo Kazuki, Masaki Yamamoto and Yugo Nagashima. Congratulations to all the racers and a special shout out to Team CRC Japan pilot, Hayato Ishioka.



Hayato’s winning car

Hayato used the new carbon top deck/shock mount shown. This part allows a very forward shock position as well as being elevated to allow electronics below.
Here shown with the shock extention (#3296) and the (#3263) extended rear top plate.
#3359 – 2.5mm Carbon Top deck/Shock mnt for the Xti-WC.




CRC WTF-1 Sweeps the U.S. Indoor Champs!

Brian Wynn (T.Q.) takes the F1 win at the U.S. Indoor Champs in Cleveland, OH using CRC’s new WTF-1 (#1500). Wayne Gerber and Skip Starkey made it an all WTF-1 podium.

The dominant CRC WTF-1 (#1500) with the M13W F1 body (#4185) available from CRC.


The annual U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, OH is a historic event for indoor road racing, 35 years running for this historic event. Formula 1 has returned to the Champs for the second straight year as the class continues to see growth. The dominant CRC WTF-1 again took the T.Q. and victory with F1 specialist Brian Wynn taking the honors. Nine out of 10 A-main drivers used the CRC WTF-1 taking position 1 – 9 in the A-main.


2014 Top Qualifier at the Las Vegas IIC, the Halloween Classic and US Indoor Champs!

2014 T.Q. sweep, Brian Wynn puts his CRC WTF-1 (#1500) on the pole at the IIC in Las Vegas, the Halloween Classic in Brunswick, OH and the U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, OH. Brian also used CRC’s #3736 2s Shorty pack from CRC.



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