Calandra Racing wins 2012 IIC in Vegas – Triple Champ!

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Andrew Knapp + the CRC Xti 1:12th car.

2012 International Indoor Champion.

Another IIC victory for CRC in Vegas!

CRC drivers dominate 3 class

Andrew Knapp takes the win in the ultra competitive 13.5 turn 1:12th scale class at the 2012 IIC in Las Vegas. Knapp used the new Xti car, Black Art R8C body, Hobbywing 1s controller from CRC and CRC 1:12th tires.

For the last 8 years, the IIC in Vegas has brought out a very high level of competition in all the premier road racing classes. Calandra Racing Concepts (CRC) has been very fortunate to have many victories over the years at this prestigious event. In 2012, CRC rolled into town with a brand new 1:12th car fresh off from a strong showing at the World Championships in Holland, the radical new CRC Xti. At the IIC, Andrew Knapp would take his XTi to a victory in the 13.5 class. Joining Andrew in the A-main were teammates John Tortorice and 2-time modified winner, Hupo Honigl.


Knapp right after the 12th Modified A-main… Knapp turned the fastest lap in the A-main. But unfortunately, a few untimely “board” meetings sent a very fast car rearward to 6th position.



1:12th Scale 17.5

Mark Smyka, John Tortorice and Kenny Lambert – CRC Sweep of the podium in 1:12th class for 17.5.
Mark’s Xti on the left, Kenny’s on the right. John’s T.Q. and winning CRC Xi in the center. All 3 drivers with the CRC 3702 1s lipo cell and Black Art R8C body. Tortorice and Lambert used CRC Magenta front and yellow rear 1:12th tires.

In the “Blinky” (no speedo timing) 17.5 class, corner speed is at a premium. With the non-boosted 17.5, there is no where to “jump on” the power to make up some ground. The drivers are near wide open for most of the run. If a car stalls or slows in the corner, this class will really show the disadvantage. CRC drivers had great success in the class with 6 out of 10 drivers using CRC chassis. Joining to 3 on the podium were Carrissa Smyka, Robert Dirla and Tony Block. Great runs all!


World GT 13.5

World GT Podium Sweep

Brian Bohlman, David Ehrlich and Mario Ficco took the podium in the World GT 13.5 class with their CRC Gen-X 10 LE cars. T.Q. Ehrlich (center) took the win with Ficco (right) 2nd and Bohlman (3rd).

Top 3 in World GT. All three #1712 Gen-X 10LE cars with CRC Hobbywing 1s speed controllers. CRC #3702 Lipos in the T.Q. and 2nd place cars!

VBC News

VBC drivers Andrew Knapp, Brian Wynn and Patrick Morehead took their VBC Wildfire touring cars to impressive A-main results in the first large carpet race with the new Wildfire. Andrew finished 4th in the 13.5 Super Stock division. Brian Wynn had his Wildfire up to 2nd qualifying position after the 2nd round finishing in the A-main for TC Stock 17.5. In Spec TC, Patrick Morehead took his VBC Wildfire to a 5th place finish in the A-main.

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