Scary weekend for the competiton, CRC wins the Halloween Classic.



John Tortorice and Dave Johnson with a frightening


performance at the 2012 Halloween Classic.


CRC drivers dominate in 3 classes!





top – Pittsburgh CRC driver John Tortorice, fresh from a dominating T.Q. and win in Las Vegas take a double victory at the Halloween Classic in Brunswick, OH. Winning both the 17.5 and 13.5 classes in 1:12th scale


bottom – “Detroit Dave” Johnson took his VBC Wildfire TC to the victory in 17.5 TC. The Wildfire continues to win races and gain popularity in the tough Touring Car division.






Dating back to the late 1980’s, the Halloween Classic has been a great, competitive race that gained notoriety over the years as a warm-up for the U.S. indoor Champs in Cleveland. Held at different locations over the years, the Classic has attracted the finest road racers with entries totaling over 200 in past years. For 2012, the NORCAR ( racing club put on another fantastic event with well over 100 entries, maxing out the pitting capacity of their current location.

After taking a number of years off to get a college degree, CRC driver John Tortorice has returned to R/C racing with nothing but winning in mind. Earlier in October, he won the IIC in Vegas on his birthday and kept up his winning ways by and winning both the 17.5 and the 13.5 classes at the Halloween Classic. John received his new CRC Xti on the Wednesday before the race, built the car and with NO practice before the Classic, set the car on the track and dominated. John used the entire gamut of go-fast-goodies (say that fast 3 times) from CRC to take the victory. Powering the car was CRC’s 3702 6300/50 1s battery pack hooked to a 7002 Hobbywing 1s speedo in blinky mode. To put the power down, JT used CRC Track Magnet 1:12th racing tires. To complete the racing package, a 4167 Black Art R8C body was used to keep the Xti planted to the track.







Although a bit out of focus, one thing very clear is the speed of CRC chassis. Undefeated in large races in 2012, winning the IIC and the Halloween Classic.
Here is JT (known that weekend as “Tortochichi”) with both winning cars. In the background, our good friend Chuck Makin is pointing out just how many classes Tortorice won at the event.






17.5 Touring Car



Dave Johnson takes the win with the VBC Wildfire and CRC 3710 2s lipo.



The largest class over the weekend was the 17.5 Rubber Spec Touring Car division. Back on carpet for the first time since his ROAR National winning weekend, Dave Johnson again took his CRC powered VBC wildfire to another BIG victory. The VBC-0005 Wildfire… a very capable, very quick, adjustable touring car that is beginning to make some serious noise in TC racing. Now 2012 ROAR National Champions and 2012 Halloween Classic Champion, the Wildfire is well supported by the CRC racing effort and available at a great price.



In the books…


Congratulations to the NORCAR club and all the hard working members. Another great Classic is in the books. Congratulations to Tortochichi and Johnson for their victories.




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