CRC 1-2-3 + T.Q at the 2005 Snowbirds – Road Course results

Team CRC undefeated in 2004/2005 indoor season!

Top 3 Stock Cars - M. Calandra (2nd), Smyka (1st), Wynn (3rd)

With wins at the U.S. Indoor Champs and the January Jam, the next stop on the major race tour was the 2005 Snowbirds.

In the A-main of 1/12th Stock from Team CRC; 2-time defending Snowbird Champs and U.S. Indoor Champ, Mark Smyka, 2005 January Jam winner Brian Wynn, 2004 Jam winner Mark Calandra, 2004 Jam T.Q. Jeff Dayger and 6-time U.S. Indoor Champ Frank Calandra Jr.

Racing in 1/12th GTP modified,? CRC’s Mike McMahon and Hubert “Hupo” Honigl took on the fast “roval” course with their CRC 1/12th cars. Both drivers qualified well into the A-main.

Wynn, Smyka and Calandra admiring the big trophies!

In early qualifying, using CRC Carpet Knife 3.2R’s and CRC Track Magnet tires, Jeff Dayger and Frank Jr. sat on the front row of the grid in the 1-2 position while defending champ, Mark Smyka’s CRC T-Fource was 4th. After the 3rd and final round of qualifying, Dayger took the T.Q. spot holding off a hard charging Jeff Cuffs, Mark Smyka and returning CRC driver, Ray Darroch.

In the A-main, unfortunately, teammates Smyka and Dayger got together while running 1-2. While the crowd was not happy with the move, the race officials called it a racing accident. As the main ran on, CRC Carpet Knife 3.2R drivers Mark Calandra and Brian Wynn worked up from the back of the starting grid. The 2 drivers battled close for second, exchanging passes multiple times. This only helped Smyka, building his lead as the 2 fought it out. Smyka took his 3rd consecutive Snowbirds win in the GTP Stock class. Mark Calandra held on for 2nd with Wynn in third. T.Q. Jeff Dayger battled back from his incident for 5th.

CRCIn the end, 5 out of 10 car in the A-main were CRC cars. Four of the 10 cars including T.Q. used CRC Track Magnet 1/12th tires. In addition, the 11th place qualifier and B-Main winner (different drivers) were also driving CRC machines.?

All the CRC drivers were using the new #4262 Ride Height Spacers, new Delrin and aluminum front end parts as well as new titanium front camber turnbuckles. CRC 1/12th tires were a big hit at the event with many drivers searching for our exclusive Black front compound to combat the Snowbird’s ultra high bite track. The black compound rubber made the car easy to drive, with less rubber pickup from the track. CRC Track Magnet Tires -ROAR Nats, US Indoor Champs, Snowbird + January Jam winner!Also prevalent in the A-main was a number of CRC racing bodies, the #4160 1/12th Courage C60 lightweight body.

All these high performance parts are available from good hobby shops around the world. Our cars come complete with more features included in the kit than any other car on the market. Our tires are priced lower than the competition, offer high grip and long wear, AND are mounted on the strongest 1/12th rim available. And most importantly, CRC tires win races.

For value, performance and quality, Calandra Racing Concepts has it all! Join the Champions at CRC.

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