CRC Jams in January, Brian Wynn wins at the 2005 January Jam

Team CRC

In the fall/winter season of indoor racing for 2004/2005, Team CRC continued the winning streak started from the Cleveland Indoor Champs. At the Champs, CRC’s Mark Smyka took the win with his dialed T-Fource car.

At the very next large indoor race, the January Jam at R/C Madness in Enfield, Connecticut, CRC continued it’s winning ways. The central NY based team rolled in to R/C Madness, with defending champ Mark Calandra and defending Top Qualifier from the 2004 event, Jeff Dayger. Also part of the group was little known 1/12th pilots, Team CRC’s Brian Wynn and Tom Firsching.  Also, racing at his home track, Cleveland winner Mark Smyka.

In qualifying, Wynn, Dayger and Smyka traded qualifying heat victories. In the 4th and final round of qualifying, a heat battled ensued with Wynn, Firsching, Dayger, and Smyka all racing for theBrian pole position. After the 8 minute battle, Brian Wynn, driving his CRC Carpet Knife 3.2R, would emerge as the T.Q. for the stock event, with Mark Smyka’s CRC T-Fource 2nd and Tom Firsching, 3rd qualifier. In fact, 9 out of 10 cars in the A-main were CRC cars. What was the tire choice in the A-main?? Six out of 10 drivers chose Team CRC Track Magnet 1/12th tires including T.Q. and winner, Brian Wynn.

In the double A-main format, Brian Wynn (CK 3.2R) won the first main with Smyka (T-Fource) second and Firsching (CK 3.2R) 3rd. In the second leg, Tom Firsching took the win with Wynn second and Smyka 3rd. The final results of the top 4;






Top 4 from the 2005 January Jam at R/C Madness in Enfield, CT

Position Driver Car Front Tire Rear Tire Body
1 (+T.Q.)Brian WynnCarpet Knife 3.2RCRC Black FrontCRC Grey Rear
2Tom FirschingCarpet Knife 3.2RCRC Purple FrontCRC Grey RearCRC Courage C60
3Mark SmykaCRC T-Fource******
4Frank Calandra Jr.Carpet Knife 3.2RCRC Black FrontCRC Grey RearCRC Courage C60

In 1/12th Modified, while the turnout was on the low side, CRC was again victories with Mike Haynes driving his CRC T-Fource to victory.

Webmaster note: we put the caption on Brian Wynn’s photo in jest. Brian is a local here at CRC headquarters in upstate NY and he has pounded the pavement, racing major 1/12th scale events for years, starting as a teenager. In his younger day’s, Brian was close to victory a couple of times, only to have bad luck or bad driving blunder ruining his chance for a good result. After years of watching racers around him take the big one, disappointing close calls on his part and with heart breaking finishes, it was good to see him nail one down. Congrats Brian!

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