CRC taking impressive wins in Colorado!

Big wins for Team CRC!

CRC goes 1-2 in Formula 1 at the MHIC in Denver!

Mitch Witteman T.Q’s and wins 13.5 with the CRC Xti-WC 1/12th car.

Wynn takes World GT-R with the new Gen-X 10RT



CRC’s WTF-1 FC-16 takes ANOTHER Championship!

CRC’s Mario Ficco (right) and Brian Wynn (left) go 1-2 in the Formula 1 class at the Mile Hile Indoor Champs in Denver, CO. with CRC’s WTF-1 FC16!


Formula 1

Colorado’s Mario Ficco and New York driver, Brian Wynn, used CRC’s new WTF-1 FC-16 Formula 1 car for a strong 1-2 punch in qualifying and the A main. To complete their race package, add a Factory Certified 2s shorty pack and a set of CRC F1 tires and let the winning begin. The FC-16 car is affordable, durable and ready to race right from the box, no expensive options needed. Race winning parts like a graphite rear axle and composite plastic parts are included in this kit.

Mario drove a great race under pressure with Brian close behind looking for a clean pass. Both drivers pulled away and finished 1-2 in a dominating performance. In addition to taking the championship, Mario kept his T.Q. string alive, taking the top qualifying spot at yet another major event. Winning an A-main is great, but consistantly having the speed and pace to be 1st after 4 rounds of qualifying certainly shows the true potential of this car, tire, power and driver combination. Congratulations to all the CRC drivers in the A-main with Wisconson driver Mark Sweeney and Colorado racer Jim McGee taking their FC-16’s to A-main finishes!


1/12th scale 13.5

The legend of Mitch Witteman continues. From his early racing days in the 80’s right through until the present time…. the guy just keeps on winning. Mitch took his CRC Xti-WC 1/12th car to an impressive T.Q. and win in the hotly contested 13.5 class at the Mile High Indoor Championships. With a full group of fast, sponsored, top level racers entered in the class, Mitch just quietly does what he does; goes out and mops up the competition. Congrats to Mr. Witteman.


Mitch Witteman T.Q’s and wins 12th 13.5

Mitch Witteman took his very stock CRC Xti-WC to a solid T.Q. and win in the very tough 13.5 division.


World GT-R

After it’s introduction into the racing scene in the fall of 2015, World GT-R keeps growing and gaining popularity, both at local tracks and big race events. Why? Easy to drive 1/10th pan cars with more realistic bodies and scale sized tires that last and perform race after race. It is an easy class to get into and an affordable class to stay into.

Following wins at the 2016 Snowbirds and now MHIC, the new prototype car from CRC, the Gen-X 10RT keeps on rolling and performing. At the MHIC, Brian Wynn took his Gen-X 10RT to a solid T.Q. and win. Mario Ficco joined Brian on the podium with his Gen-X 10RT. Look for the purpose built rubber tire car from CRC in May 2016. Of course, all the drivers used the RT-1 rubber tire and GTR rim with consistant, dependable performance.


CRC takes T.Q. and 1st World GT-R

CRC’s own Brian Wynn takes another impressive win with the new CRC Gen-X 10 RT. Look for this new purpose built rubber tire 1/10th machine to be released in May 2016. Joining Brian on the podium was Mario Ficco, also in a Gen-X 10RT.




The MHIC marks an “unofficial” end to the indoor 2015/16 season. With the announcement of the return of the IIC in Vegas, the race season will being in October 2016. However, while big races are an exciting part of our sport, the most important aspect of our sport is local club level racing in your region. Support your local hobby store and local track. If your local track is a commerical store and venue, support the venue with your racing dollars. Buy your hobby products at the venue in an effort to keep the race track alive. Awesome products, big race events and sponsorships mean nothing if we do not have any local tracks to grow and nuture the hobby. We are all in this together.



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