New World GT-R car kit from CRC – The Gen-X 10 R/T

New from CRC – The Gen-X 10 R/T – World GT-R car kit

The R/T for Rubber Tire!

New from the company that brought you rubber tire pan car racing is a new rubber tire specific 1/10th scale road racer; the new “Gen-X 10 R/T”. The RT is a specific built World GT-R car designed around CRC’s GTR rims and RT-1 tires. The R/T car has all the adjustments needed to dominate rubber tire pan car racing. High quality components, ease of use and a great low price. Already a multiple champion, the R/T has won the 2016 Snowbird Nationals as well as the Mile High Indoor Champs.

New from World Champion Calandra Racing Concepts is the new Gen-X 10 R/T. The R/T kit comes equipped with all the amentities that you have come to expect from the leader in pan cars, Calandra Racing Concepts.

*** Slider rear pod for ride height adjustments with NO inserts or shims to lose or deal with

*** Multiple battery positions and configurations; 1s inline, transverse, forward, middle and back. 2s shorty, saddle, square and full 2s stick. The Gen-X 10 R/T has provisions to accept all these different configurations.

*** Adjustable front and rear width

*** Adjustable wheel base

*** Adjustable shock position

*** Adjustable body mount positions

*** Adjustable ride height

*** The World Champion CRC Pro-Strut front end with roll center, camber, caster (dynamic and static) and spring rate adjustments.

*** Adjustable side spring tension

*** Adjustable twin tube damper system

*** Adjustable servo mount with EZ-center positioning

*** Full carbon lightweight Pro-diff axle (unlike the steel paperweights some companies include)

*** Full ball bearing

*** Both a carbon and foam front bumper


Adjustable front width using hole positions on the front end plates.

EZ-center servo mount – add servo and slide to center. Also shown are the wheel base adjustments in the front plate piece under the A-arms.
Multiple shock and battery positions – 1s, 2s, shorty, saddle, square and full stick. No compromises with the Gen-X 10 R/T.
CRC’s Slider Pod – Ride height adjustment without shims or inserts to lose.
Add tires, electronics and a body and go racin!


World GT-R racing – The new standard for 1/10th scale pan car racing.

World GT-R racing is great affordable fun. Full-fendered, realistic bodies that look like cars you can actually buy. Porsche, Nissan, Toyota, Chevy just to name a few. Rubber tires that last for seasons and perform as good on the first run as the last. The CRC Gen-X 10 has already won ALL the big races run for this new growing racing class, taking titles at the 2015 U.S Indoor Champs in Cleveland, the 2016 Snowbird Nationals in Orlando (Top 4) and the 2016 Mile High Indoor Champioships in Denver. Check out the growing pan car racing scene in World GT-R with CRC’s new Gen-X 10 R/T!


CRC Gen-X 10 R/T – 1/10th World GT-R kit w/ bearings,

Slider Pods, Pro-diff, Encore shock, complete.

Suggested retail $374.99
Street price $249.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734018100
Shipping July 5th


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