New F1 mounted tires from CRC!

New F1 wheels and mounted tires from Team CRC

#2320 – CRC’s RT-1 rubber tire mounted on CRC’s new Promount F1 rim – 1 set (pr. front and rear)


CRC’s new F1 Pro-mount wheels (#1510) – Made for CRC RT-1, Tamiya TCS and Pit Shimizu rubber tires.

Fits most all F1 cars, like the CRC WTF1, XR ay X1, Tamiya F series and more, any color you like (as long as it is black)

New from World Champion Calandra Racing Concepts is high performance, pre-mounted F1 racing tires. These are CRC’s race proven RT-1 tires (same exact tire as used on GT-R) mounted to CRC’s awesome new F1 pro-mount wheel. The wheel is made from the best grade of modern composite plastics to produce a lightweight, straight, true and strong wheel.

Pre-mounted high performance F1 tires

Check out the new #2320 mounted tires from Team CRC. Take them out of the bag and go have fun. High performance RT-1 tires that have proven themselves in the World GT-R category of racing. Same high performance, belted tire with great grip and durability. The RT-1 tire has ZERO degradation, as fast on run 20 as race 1. The RT-1 has super long wear, providing multiple SEASONS of use on carpet surfaces. Now these awesome tires are available pre-glued to the best rim in the business, the CRC F1 Pro-mount. Available as a set of 4 only.


F1 Pro-mount wheels

Many of currently available wheels for F1 are based on the Tamiya foam tire wheel. The foam tire wheel from Tamiya is a well designed and produced wheel. However, it was DESIGNED for FOAM tires, with no centering or mounting guide ribs for the rubber tire bead. When rubber tires started becoming popular, these foam wheels were used because they were readily available, despite not being designed for rubber tires. And while they worked OK, there was plenty of room for improvement.

The new 1510 Pro-mount wheel is specifically designed for mounting rubber tires; specifically CRC’s RT-1, the TCS F1 and Pit Shimizu F1 line of tires. With the molded in “guidance ribs” or mounting ribs, the Pro-mount is superior to other F1 wheels. The rib guides the tire bead in the right place, not allowing the tire to be mounted too far on the wheel. The design makes mounting F1 rubber tires MUCH easier.


Left – CRC’s new F1 Pro-mount wheel; mounting ribs and holes for proper mounting.

Right – the older standard flat “foam” rim adapted for rubber tire use.

CRC F1 Promount wheels – Ribbed for more pleasure when mounting, and who doesn’t like that? Straight, consistent tires.

Guidance ribs keep the tire bead where it belongs. Plus the pre-molded breather holes keep the tire from capturing air pressure.
Possible problems using foam rims with rubber tires.

No ribs lead to inconsistent performance.


The CRC F1 mounted tires are the choice for handout F1 tires at the 2016 ROAR Nationals at Prolevel RC in Missouri. They will be available in limited quantities in mid March 2016. Have your hobby store contact Horizon Hobbies or CRC direct to get a set on order. Also available online at selected shops and direct at

The F1 promount wheels are in stock now.


CRC mounted F1 tires – RT-1 tires on F1 Promount wheels (4)
Suggested retail $79.99
Street – web store price – $59.99
UPC Product Barcode 800234023208
Limited quantities shipping mid-March


CRC F1 Promount wheel set – F+R
Suggested retail $9.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015109
In stock


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