Team CRC winning around the world!

Big wins for Team CRC

Knapp + Suzuki take Snowbirds Championships

Markus Mobers wins the Reedy race in the UK!

Andrew Knapp double T.Q. and wins 1/12th 13.5 + 17.5 with the CRC Xti-WC!

Team CRC Japan driver Kosuke Suzuki T.Q’s and wins the World GT-R class.

CRC Gen-X 10R car goes 1-2-3-4!


World Champion CRC Xti-WC car wins AGAIN!

CRC’s Andrew Knapp sweeps the 17.5 and 13.5 classes at the 2016 Snowbirds. Knapp’s CRC Xti-WC continued the winning streak from Cleveland by taking T.Q. and 1st in both classes.
Markus takes the CRC Xti-WC to a big win in the UK winning the 1/12th scale modified invitational class!


Snowbirds 1/12th 17.5 and 13.5

Fresh off his impressive 1/12th Modified win at the 2015 U.S. Indoor Championships in Cleveland, Michigan’s Andrew Knapp rolled into the 2016 Snowbirds with more championships in mind. At this year’s event, both the 17.5 and 13.5 classes were stacked with talent with past and present stock and modified National champions on the entry list. Winning these classes was going to be very difficult with the stacked field. Andrew again proved the dominance of the Trinity powered CRC Xti-WC car from practice #1. Knapp was solid all week winning most of the qualifiers and leading the mains wire to wire. For tires, Andrew chose CRC’s spec Purple stripe tires. Despite this event being an “open” tire race, the fastest most comfortable tire to use was CRC’s purple stripe spec tire.

In 13.5, NY native, Jeff Dayger put his CRC Xti-WC car in 2nd on the grid and stalked Knapp the entire run. Much like Andrew, Jeff used the full CRC race package; Hobbywing ESC, CRC 1/12th tires and a Black Art Lola body.


Knapp’s 1/12th car

In this blurry picture of Andrew’s car you can see the purple stripe tires on the winning Xti-WC car.
Central NY driver Jeff Dayger makes a return to the Snowbirds after a long sabbatical. Jeff took his CRC Xti-WC to a strong second place giving Knapp a run for his money. A CRC-1-2 sweep!


Snowbirds World GT-R

CRC goes 1-2-3-4 in World GT-R

Wynn, Suzuki and Ficco. Add Jeff Dayger in 4th and its all CRC affair!
World GT-R cars of the stars! There were 4 of the CRC prototype Gen-X 10-RT at the Birds, they went 1-2-3-4.



In the very first year of World GT-R (1/10th pan cars on rubber tires), the class immediately out-numbered the foam World GT in entry count and excitement. What defines World GT-R? No truing, no tire size changes, no ride height issues, no tire size/gearing worries combined with great grip and seasons of tire durability, that’s what makes World GT-R a very exciting pan car class. Add to that scale looks and realism. Our friends at Team CRC Japan had their young ace pilot, Kosuke Suzuki, outfitted with the new prototype CRC World GT-R car, the Gen X-10RT. Kosuke took his ride to a T.Q and win in the A-main followed closely by Gen X-10RT cars of Brian Wynn, Mario Ficco, Jeff Dayger, a clean sweep of GT-R.


Formula 1

The new WTF1-FC16 goes 2-3-4

In the second race for CRC’s the new FC16 formula 1 car, Team CRC Japan pilots Kosuke Suzuki and Hayoto Ishioka ended up on the podium with a 2nd and 3rd place position. American CRC F1 Ace Mario Ficco finished in a solid 4th. The only thing stopping the CRC team from taking the win was a very determined and consistent, Jan Ratheisky. Suzuki pushed and pressured Jan for 5 straight minutes; looking low, sweeping wide, trying to find a way around Jan. To his credit, Ratheisky drove perfect, fending off many pass attempts by the young Japanese driver. Kosuke could have forced the issue, causing a collision, however, he waited and pressured taking his FC-16 car inside and out looking for a way by. Jan made no mistakes for the second straight year proving to be the man to beat in F1. The solid 2-3-4 position of the WTF1-FC16 combined with the 1-2 finish at the Cleveland race proved that the new CRC F1 car is bad fast, very affordable and ready to win more championships!


CRC WTF1-FC16 goes 2-3-4

While the new FC-16 missed taking the win, Suzuki and Ishioka pushed the eventual winner around the track for 5 minutes looking for a clean way past. A solid-2-3-4 finish for the WTF1 FC16 with IIC champ Mario Ficco taking 4th.
All the team CRC drivers used the new CRC RT-1 rubber tire. This is the same tire that is used in World GT-R racing. Fits right on F1 rims including CRC’s new F1 front and rear rim set. #1510.
Japanese National Champion Hayato Ishioka’s F1 car



1/12th Scale Modified

Markus Mobers wins the inaugural 1/12th Reedy Race in the UK

In a large shopping center in Milton Keynes, UK, the British Radio Car Association (BRCA) put on an incredible event for 1/12th scale racing. This was a very professional and public event with RC manufactures and retailers demonstrating and displaying their product for the hundreds of fans that assembled in the shopping area. The field of invitational drivers was star-studded, with 20 top drivers from around the world. The competition was very close and spectacular to the delight of the big crowd of spectators.

CRC + Mobers Reedy Race Champions!

Despite being labeled “the old man” of 1/12th scale, competing against some much younger drivers, Mobers continues to be a major force in any event he enters.
Mober’s winning CRC Xti-WC!


CRC’s newly signed Markus Mobers showed some tremendous pace and a great ability to pass and move forward in the heats. This is mandatory for a good result in the traditional Reedy-race format that features random heats and starting positions. After 10 single runs Markus won 7 out of those 10 heats and was equal on points with Toto Ebokura from Team Yokomo. Thanks to Mober’s best run being faster by 5 seconds, Markus took a deserving win for Team CRC and the World Champion Xti-WC car, placing 1st overall in front of the Yokomo of Ebokura and the XRay cars of early favorite Alexander Hagberg and Olly Jeffries.

Congratulations Markus!

Team CRC strong at the Snowbirds in 1/12th Modified!

Team CRC Japan driver and 2-time Japanese National Champion, Hayato Ishioka, took his World Champion CRC Xti-WC to an impressive 2nd place position in modified. After a win in Cleveland, the Reedy Race victory and solid seco here at the Snowbirds, World Champion CRC Xti-WC continues to deliver great performance and victories in both stock and modified racing!


Hayato Ishioka’s 1/12th Modified car

3214 CRC Xti-WC car and CRC tires.
Pictured above is the leader of the Team CRC Japan crew, Kimihiko Yano. This man is THE major force behind 1/12th scale racing in Japan and a HUGE part of Calandra Racing Concepts. Kimihiko has the ability to lead his strong team with thorough testing, hard work and excellent preparation! Thank you Kimihiko and all of Team CRC Japan from your friends at Team CRC USA!


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