New products and racer tips

New products and racer tips

from Team CRC

Team CRC now has 2.5mm hardened differential balls for our line of 64 pitch spur gears. These metric balls pop in and stay put in the ball sockets. The 16 ball design of the CRC gear provides better performance than the 12 ball gears offered from other brands. #1227

Calandra Racing Concepts now has 2.5 mm hardened diff balls available for the full line of CRC spur gears. Unlike the .093″ balls, these 2.5 mm balls pop in the gear’s ball sockets and stay put making diff building a lot easier. The 16-ball design of CRC’s gears provide improved diff performance over the 12-ball designs of the competition’s spur gears. The smaller 2.5mm size ball is much lighter than the larger 1/8″ ball used in other gears.


More is lighter WITH better performance.

Here we have 16 pieces of the 2.5mm balls used in a CRC spur. Yes, 16 of the smaller balls are lighter and make the diff perform better!
Shown here are the 12 pieces of 1/8″ balls needed for other gears on the market. Notice a full 36% heavier! And with the 8 fewer contact points (4 times 2), the 1/8 balls are heavier (slower) and diff action is worse.
#4209 – New CRC Diff lube – lifetime supply 1/2 ounce
Here is a lifetime supply of the best grease available for ball differentials used in pan cars like the CRC Xti and Generation X series of cars. Be sure to use the correct grease when lubing your diff. Regular grease will make the diff much worse. Our differential grease will give you proper diff performance. Just one small dot of grease on each diff ball and you are good to go!


November 2015 – New products


#1227 – 2.5mm hard steel diff balls for CRC spur gears – 72, 80, 88, 96 (92 + 108 coming soon!)

Retail – $14.99

UPC barcode – 800734012771


#4209 – Diff lube – 1/2 ounce tube

Retail – $6.99

UPC barcode – 800734042099

in stock



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