The new World Champion Xti-WC 1/12th car from CRC

The 2014 IFMAR World Champion


The new 1/12th car from Calandra Racing Concepts

CRC’s new Xti-WC. The new chassis features all the latest tweaks and improvements to the proven Xti platform.

Building on the winning heritage from the multi-champion Xti and Xti-Altered Ego cars, the new CRC Xti-WC is now available to order. The “World Champion” (WC) edition features a new chassis and front sub frame (U-plate) as well as minor geometry tweaks to make this latest machine the best chassis for both modified and spec class racing. The same car Marc Rheinard drove to a dominant World Champioships is now available to the public.

World Champion

Marc’s prototype Xti-WC winning machine – only the green center spring separates the prototype he drove from the final production kit. Production suspension, chassis, tubes, shocks, bulkheads.


3214 Xti-World Championship Edition

The new Xti-WC features a new front sub frame using 6 attachment points rather than 4. The “double decker” design coupled with the increased mounting positions results in the most rigid and stiff 1/12th chassis on the market. However, the user can remove 1 set of mounting points to adjust the front flex of the chassis adding to the flexibility of the design (pun intended). Xti and Xti Altered Ego owners can easily upgrade their cars to the new WC spec.


New Front U-plate sub frame

A total of 6 fasteners secure the new Xti-WC U plate to the chassis (shown in colors here for illustration purposes, 4 light blue and 2 yellow) The positions of the light blue locating screws are directly from the Xti, the new yellow positions mount to the now wider WC chassis for a stiffer, more rigid chassis.

Top view of the new wider pick-up point. Also shown is the reverse servo mounting position that puts the servo between the A-arms for better balance and ease of electronics placement. Another CRC exclusive.


Why a sub-frame (U-plate)?

CRC’s lower front A-arm has molded in lugs that locate the arm in the U-plate. The arm literally “snaps” into place. This firm locking method keeps the suspension straight, rigid and true through all the forces and bumping that take place in a fast paced 1/12th race. The past method of using countersunk screw heads to mount the front suspension members can lead to chassis warping and twisting after repeated encounters into the barriers. With the U-plate, a flat bottomed button head screw pulls the locating lug into the flat carbon fiber, resulting in a stiff, solid and true mounting platform. In addition, modern high performance 1/12th race cars now develop high lateral forces and use very small tire diameters to maximize grip. With the arm bolted into a sub frame that sits on the chassis, the U-plate design uses less spacing to raise the arm resulting in less flex and more consistency. Unlike other designs with tall aluminum bulkheads, the arm is mounted closer to its base plate. With the Xti-WC, optional small colored mylar spacers allow the racers to adjust for tire wear and allow precision ride-height adjustment. While these adjusters cover a range of competition tire sizes, for those racers that use very large tires, optional parts are available to allow you to adjust ride height even when using larger diameter front tires.

More front end photos

Both the JR/KO and Sanwa mini servos can be reverse mounted. In addition, standard mounting holes are drilled for JR/KO mini-sized servos.

Marc Rheinard’s World Championship machine. Sanwa servo reverse mounted with the proven CRC “Pro-Strut” front end.


Adjustability and performance

The WC is extremely adjustable and features both inline and transverse battery positions. In the transverse orientation, the battery position is widely adjustable forward and rearward. In the “front-to-back” or inline position, the new Xti-WC carries over the symmetrical battery position from the Xti. Only CRC puts the fuel tank (battery) in the center of the chassis, keeping even balance despite changes in battery weights.


Battery positions

Battery to the back for more steering. Typically used in spec racing. Also notice the O-ring battery retention system. We said it back in 1995 when we released the Carpet Knife 1.0, “tape is for Christmas presents”. With the O-ring, battery changes are quick and easy with the Xti-WC. This is especially convenient with the mandatory use of Lipo bags in modern day racing..
Here you can see Rheinard’s car from the Worlds with battery forward. The forward position “numbs” the car a bit making it a little easier to drive in high speed modified racing. While there are 2 “preset” locations for battery forward and rearward in the transverse position, the user can remove the battery locators and move the battery variably and substantially to the front.

Here is a CAD rendering of the inline battery position on the Xti-WC. Notice the space in front of the pack for a speedo and on top of the pack for a receiver. With that electronics placement, all the weight is right down the center of the car making the car transition extremely quick. This configuration was used to win the stock class at the IIC in Vegas.



Not only are all CRC products tested by top professional racers, but each week at our CRC club/test track our products are used by club racers and general hobbyists. With new inexperienced racers building and using the car, this allows the CRC staff to evaluate many facets of the product; the ease of building, understanding of the assembly manual and basic setups as well as any durability issues once the product hits the track. With this feedback, we address any issues that cause the new racers problems or confusion. After hearing some of the feedback, we beefed up the chassis in key stress points. There is extra material around the front body post holes to help relieve issues when drivers have board meetings without the bumper installed. Also material has been added around the link holes to strengthen these stressed areas.




The rear suspension

CRC’s Slider rear pods. Quick, easy ride height changes with perfect axle alignment every time, and lot’s of room to work on the motor. Also, CRC’s machined motors spacers (coming soon) allow the user to balance the pod with the motor of his choice.

Shown in yellow for illustration purposes, CRC cars feature center balancing holes not just in the front and rear, but also in the front and rear of BOTH the chassis and the bottom plate. This allows the user to first balance the rear pod/motor/axle section and then the overall chassis. The 2 mounting holes on the back of the rear pod are for CRC’s super trick rear diffuser.


Lighter, leaner, meaner

In this day and age of big batteries with a lot of runtime, the importance of the race-ready weight of the car is sometimes forgotten or dismissed. In stock-spec style racing, lightweight equals fast lap times as It takes energy to both accelerate and turn a heavier car. The Xti-WC is the lightest competition 1/12th scale available weighing in under the weight minimum with competition electronics. As with all CRC designs, the Xti-WC will get you at or near the IFMAR/ROAR weight minimums to give the performance advantage needed to win.

The price of a World Champion

The new Xti-WC from Calandra Racing Concepts is a razor sharp weapon ready to win at any level. The design is based from CRC’s long heritage of championship winning road racing cars. Designed and built by the engineers and racing staff at CRC, your new Xti-WC is created by experienced racers from the conception of the design right through to production, packaging and support. Like all CRC products, the WC is used weekly by local racers at CRC’s test track. This insures that the parts have been proven by top professionals, weekly club racers and general hobbyists, covering all facets of the product; performance, ease of use and durability. The Xti platform is a proven winner on the biggest racing stages, winning on EVERY stage; the IFMAR World Championships, the Japanese Nationals, the European Nationals, the ROAR Nationals, the IIC in Vegas, the AOC in Japan, and the Snowbirds in Florida. The product is supported throughout North America with CRC’s extensive domestic distribution through Horizon Hobby Distributors, our vast dealer network and direct from the factory. Worldwide, CRC’s international distribution and support centers in Europe and Asia insure that parts and support is easy and convenient to obtain.

Value – With a MSRP of $299.99, and a street price of $199.99 for the kit, the Xti-WC is priced well below many of competition on the market. Get your own personal World Champion and join the winning team at CRC! First batch shipping before December 1, 2014.



CRC Xti-WC – 1/12th road racing kit

Suggested retail $299.99
Street price $199.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734032144

Order the Xti-WC here


The winning team from the 2014 World’s left to right; Jessica Barton, motivation, (hot trophy girl), Thomas Pumpler, mechanic, Frank Calandra, CRC chassis + tires, Marc Rheinard, driver extraordinar, Jihyun Jang, Muchmore power and Jessica’s hot friend, (more motivation).



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