New products for a new year – 2016 new releases

New products from Team CRC

New 2016 Formula 1 car – The WTF1-FC16

Mounted GTR rubber tires ARE HERE!

This month, a bunch of great new products from Calandra Racing. First, the 2016 US Indoor and Hudy Champion CRC WTF1-FC16. This new Formula 1 car kit features multiple battery configurations and positions. Both transverse, inline with adjustments for both orientations. Second, pre-mounted rubber RT-1 tires on CRC GTR rims. Now just bolt-on and go for great World GT-R and rubber tire oval racing, no gluing needed!

New CRC Formula 1 car kit – WTF1-FC16

New from World Champion Calandra Racing Concepts is the new FC16 version of the IIC, Snowbirds and US Indoor Champion WTF-1 car. Now with both adjustable transverse and inline battery positions, the new FC16 can be adjusted to any surface and grip level. Featuring full 2.5mm quadaxial, high modulus (QHM) carbon fiber throughout, the 16 WTF-1 is light, lean and mean. The car carries over the popular features from the original WTF-1;

Standup or laydown servo placement

Dual damper tube design

CRC’s Slider Pod, quick easy ride height adjustments

CRC Pro diff – the smoothest diff in F1

Multiple battery configurations and positions

Carbon fiber diff axle – lightweight for accelleration and top speed


Transverse or Inline

Forward Inline battery

Back inline battery position
Forward transverse position.


Brian Wynn dominated the US Indoor Championships in Cleveland with his WTF1-FC16 taking T.Q. and leading every lap. Joining Wynn in the main were the FC-16 cars of Jim Piersol and Frank Calandra. A month later in St. Louis, Jim Piersol took his FC16 to another T.Q. and win at the 2016 Hudy Race at Prolevel RC.


Winning WTF1-FC16 formula 1 cars of Wynn and Piersol.


With a T.Q and win in both the Cleveland U.S. Indoor Championships and the 2016 Hudy Championships, the FC16 version of the WTF-1 is off to an impressive start. The #1511 conversion kit is available for the original WTF-1.

CRC WTF1-FC16 – 1/10th Formula 1 kit w/ bearings,

Slider Pods, Pro-diff, Encore shock, complete.

Suggested retail $374.99
Street price $249.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015017
Shipping early February


Convert your WTF-1 to the new FC-16 with the affordable conversion kit – #1511. This brings your Formula 1 fully up to the current spec.

WTF1-FC16 Conversion kit for the orginal 1500 WTF-1
Suggested retail $114.99
Street price $99.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734015116
In stock


Order the WTF1-FC16 here




Mounted rubber tires! – CRC RT-1 – ready to race!

#2314 (set of 4) – Mounted RT-1 tires (2311 front and 2312 rear) are now in stock and shipping from CRC.

Pre-glued belted radial rubber tires from CRC for World GT-R and rubber tire oval racing, ready to run! Fits most all modern 1/10th pan cars (remember, tire alone fits F1, not the rims). These tires last for many, many races with drivers using them for multiple season with NO degradation in performance. These are far beyond rubber touring car tires as these are made to grip and made to last. Now available fully mounted and ready to use.

Mounted CRC RT-1 Rubber tires on CRC GTR rims (set of 4)
Suggested retail $79.99
Street price $59.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734023142
Shipping February 1, 2016, limited supplies



Butter balls? Smooth like butter – Chrome front pivot balls for CRC Pro-Strut front end

New 32463 chrome plated front arm pivot balls for the CRC ProStrut front end found on CRC onroad cars. Super smooth with greater lube holding properties!


Chrome pivot balls -CRC ProStrut (set of 2)
Suggested retail $6.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734324638
In stock





The Ultimate Automatic tire truer package

Powerful, affordable performance.


The CRC Auto-True 12 volt tire truer is available in 2 configurations;

1 – #5007 – The Ultimate Tire Truer package consists of CRC new 12 volt truing machine, our legendary #5008 Final Cut truing bit, the #5005 multi-adapter for 1/12, 1/10th and TC cars and convenient tire rounding paddle #5010 with both a rough and fine sanding areas. Where the truer meets the foam, the Final Cut cutting bit is the BEST available. It easily slices through even the toughest racing foam, cuts clean and true, now combined with a tire machine, great tire adapter set and corner sanding paddle. The best tools for truing tires all in one package.

2 – #5006 – CRC 12 volt tire truer – This affordable machine has the power to cut 1/8, 1/10 and 1/12th tires. It features automatic return (out and back) with both normal and reverse rotation. The machine also has camber cutting adjustments for putting a pre-cambered angle into your race tires. A micro-adjust feed dial allows for precise diameters. The unit comes with a standard high speed steel cutting bit, however, when coupled with the optional CRC Final Ciut truing bit, the machine literally eats up foam. Complete with pivoting dust shield and 12 volt cables. *** No adapter is included, the 5005 is available separate. ***


CRC 12 volt Tire Truing Machine
Suggested retail $499.99
Street – web store price – $299.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734050063
In stock


CRC Ultimate Tire Truing Package
Suggested retail $599.99
Street – web store price – $374.99
UPC Product Barcode 800734050070
In stock



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